How To – Bridal Party

Gone are the days of having large extravagant weddings and bridal parties that include all your girlfriends from college. A lot of brides are either having just a maid of honour and a few bridesmaids or forgoing the whole thing! Here is a list of ways to incorporate your friends without the huge price tag and drama that comes along with it!

  • Family only. Blood is thicker than water they say, so pick the people you grew up with and are (jokingly) “stuck with” for your big day!
  • Maid of honour. Having your sister, or best friend be the only one with you to sign the paper to make it official. There is typically an undeniable bond with this person so your friends shouldn’t get all stirred up for not being picked.
  • Traditional. Keep it classic with a maid of honour and a few bridesmaid.
  • Sweetheart. Keep it light with just you and your hubby or wifey to be! Ask someone special to you to sign the witness, maybe your parents or best friend, but keep the centre stage for you two only.
  • Houseparty, My personal favourite. A southern wedding tradition where you can include all your friends without having a huge bridal party. Give your girls a colour scheme to keep photos nice and consistent, and if you need additional help day of – ask! This can be combined with the bridesmaids and house party for all those collage girlfriends we were talking about!

Mix it up! Bridal parties aren’t just for your ladies, want to include your best guy friend or brother? How about add a Brides Man or Man of Honour! Have fun and make it personal to you – it’s your day, have it your way!

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