How to save money wedding shopping online

Whether it is everyday shopping or finding those little pieces for your wedding day – saving money is always a win.

Are you like me? When you find a promo code that saves you that extra little percent you feel like its a big win! If so I have some great links for you to test out and help save you a little more money!


Honey is a chrome extension that pop ups when you get to the shopping cart portion of the website, once you run the extension it will take over your promo code box and try all the codes in their directory and select the best deal! I have gotten over 50% off items using this extension with codes I never would have known about!

Get your first $5 on your first qualifying purchase with this link!


Ebates is another chrome extension which will pop up when there is an ebates affiliated site (and there are tons!). They will prompt you to remember to go through their website in order to save cash back on all of your purchases and every quarter you get your “Big Fat Cheque”. Keep track of your earnings through their website to see how much you are earning! My first cheque was for $36, a little bit goes a long way.

Get your first $5 on your first qualifying purchase with this link!

I should note that these are links through their referral programs, but I have genuinely recommended them to my friends and family and use them every time I shop online.

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